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Kim Lee – All You Need to Know About Asia’s Kylie Jenner

In the Asian entertainment world, Kim Lee is a name that’s impossible to leave out. Her huge success as an international model has fuelled her to branch out into other fields of entertainment. Currently, she is paving her way as an equally – if not more – successful DJ.

Many used to call her the Asian Kim Kardashian, which she says is a compliment. She’s getting more comparisons to Kylie Jenner now though, and there’s undeniably a striking resemblance.

Vũ Hà Anh – Going Beyond Her Hourglass Body

Vũ Hà Anh is one of the more popular models from Vietnam and is well-known in both the local and international fashion industry. At 36 years old, she’s a little bit older than the other models that are now on the radar. However, that hasn’t stopped her from achieving supermodel status.

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