Moon Gabi, The Exotic Korean Model

Moon Gabi, The Exotic Korean Model

When we think about Korean women, we immediately think of paper white skin and very delicate, soft facial features. Korean model Moon Ga Bi (also known as Gabi Moon, according to her Instagram) certainly doesn’t fit into these conventional standards. However, that may be exactly why she stands out!

Though Gabi has been a model since winning the Miss World Bikini competition in 2011, she recently gained popularity due to her Adidas campaign and TV show appearances. Now that she’s gone viral – with 262k IG followers – many questions have been raised about her ethnicity and whether she is of mixed race.

Korean model, Gabi Moon

Korean model, Gabi Moon for skin care company Missha


On Her Looks

In some interviews Gabi Moon had with Korean TV programs ‘Section TV’ and ‘Talk Mon’, she talks about the comments she has received about her exotic looks. Gabi confirms that she is, in fact, purely Korean and is from Incheon. She tells Talk Mon that she’s had naturally darker skin since she was young, and it’s not from artificial tanning. She continues by saying no matter where she travels to, no one is able to really guess her nationality.

Gabi also addressed rumors about cosmetic surgery. She was not shy to hide the fact that she did, in fact, get surgery – but only on her eyes. This is something she doesn’t hide and has no problem revealing when asked.

Gabi Moon for Adidas

Gabi Moon in street style


On Her Body

In the same interview with Talk Mon, she said that she’s been exercising religiously since she was 14 years old. And when she says religiously, she’s not kidding. Nothing can get in the way of her workout – she even does her exercises in the airplane bathroom when traveling! It has certainly paid off, as magazine KPopLove states her measurements at a stunning 33-23-34 which is made even more impressive on her 5’7 ft (170cm) stature.

Gabi Moon in her signature Adidas

Gabi Moon showing her dance moves

Gabi Moon and her amazing body


The modeling genes seem to run in their family’s veins, as seen in some pictures with her sister. Though she’s not quite as tanned as Gabi, they could almost be twins – what with the same facial structure, long hair and long, looooong legs.

Gabi Moon and her sister


Check out more of Gabi Moon in the OppaGirls gallery! Here’s a sneak peek:

Gabi Moon at the pool

Gabi Moon in a red one piece

Gabi Moon exotic look

Gabi Moon's beach bod